Many people and institutions have aided my efforts along this 35-year pilgrimage. I would especially like to extend my great appreciation to John Zukowsky and Pauline Saliga, who befriended me at the start of this journey while they were at the Art Institute of Chicago. They showed me many of the “secrets” of how to maximize the vast resources of the Burnham Library.

The following are former students of mine who have each, in their own way, contributed to putting this story together (good memories!).  I apologize to any that I may have forgotten (please send me an eMail and I will rectify!).  They are listed in my best chronological order of their involvement: 

Nancy Ludwig

Robert Klancher

Maxwell Merriman

Debbie Cohen Heller

Luke Field

Adam Koogler

Katelyn Cooper-Parker

James Cornetet

Ryan Lobello

Eric Stear

Carl Sterner

Victorian Saunders

Kyle Campbell

Jennifer Colley Sodo

David Burwinkel

I would also like to thank Timothy Mennel, Executive Editor for the University of Chicago Press, and his review committee, David Van Zanten and Robert Bruegmann, for their patient review of my work and their numerous suggested revisions. Much of what you read here has been influenced their honed expertise in the history of architecture and urban design.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the work of historians who came before me in researching and writing about architecture, the skyscraper, and Chicago.  We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.  Among those folks whose work I most admire include, in alphabetical order:

Alfred Andreas

Barry Bergdoll

Daniel Bluestone

Robert Bruegmann

Carl Condit

Nnamdi Elleh

Donald Friedman

Lee Gray

Marilyn Hasbrouck

Wilbert Hasbrouck

Gunny Harboe

Henry-Russell Hitchcock 

Donald Hoffmann

William Jordy

Sarah Bradford Landau

Thomas Leslie

Richard Nickel

James O’Gorman

Jeffrey Ochsner

Frank Randall

Pauline Saliga

Tim Samuelson

Joseph Siry

Frances Steiner

Theodore Turak

Robert Twombly

John Vinci

Winston Weisman

Sara Wermiel

Carol Willis

Richard Guy Wilson

Edward Wolner

David Van Zanten

John Zukowski

A note about my sources. I have been writing this manuscript for over 35 years. I have everything footnoted (currently I have over 100 pages of footnotes.), and if you ever need one of my sources, please feel to ask.  I simply decided not to include the footnotes to make your reading flow easier. As per the illustrations, I have attempted to note the source of unique images (such as a book or particular website), while those that are readily available online, are noted as such.